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A little about me...

Hey, you made it! Thanks for stopping by! My background is in interior design, set design, and photograpahy. And funny enough, that is my career all in one. I have a creative visual eye to see an outcome from another point of view. Whether it is art directing a photoshoot, to strategically planning to drive results and interest. Not only do I LOVE interior design and decoration, but I love creating a feeling, a look, and a mood. I do most of the art directing for my work such as arranging models (for free), lighting and photography/videography POV, and artistic visual ideas. I also paint and build a lot of my own sets. So having full involvement is a big part of what I can do! From initial planning to execution. 

I often switch from complete different design styles. In the same day I can go from modern regency to traditional classic design, then to minimal product styling to fun youth prop styling. I am able to switch gears and be ready for any project with quick turn around and short timelines. 

Working with many companies, I can see the consistency in their brand but also where there is opportunity for improvement with their content. That is the beauty I see in photo styling! Appreciating the company ideals but also having fun and getting creative! If you're interested in hearing more about what I can do or have a project in mind, please send me an email or inquiry here and we can connect!