Who I am, What I Do


Hi! I am Shelby Greene, independent interior designer and creative based out of Los Angeles, CA. I got my education from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, where I studied Visual Communications and Residential Interior Design.
I am knowledgeable in residential/commercial design, event design and planning, visual displays and presentation, marketing, set design, and whatever else I can get my hands on. I put my focus into interior design and decoration, creating visually pleasant spaces that are inspiring, breathtaking, and timeless.

What I Love, What Inspires Me

I am incredibly inspired by story telling. Whether it is an antique, vintage piece, a hand-me-down, or an awesome piece you found in grandma's attic... I am drawn to it. I love classic, charming, timeless design with mixed elements of modern. Mixing patterns, giving the space character, personality, life, and warmth all at once.I am inspired by old architecture and garage sales. I love seeing the old traces of someone's past and acknowledging the wear, how many hands have held it, the unique one-of-a-kind piece, knowing it was meant for someone else and is now meant for someone new. Brass objects, vintage textiles, lighting, hand made rugs, natural elements, hand painted art, beautiful wood carving, and more, are some of my favorite elements.

Why I Do, Whom For

I fell in love with interior design when I felt the most not at home with myself. Moving across the country from a small town in Florida was difficult and I always questioned if I did the right move. I didn't live stable and I was moving around a lot to feel more at "home". Turns out I was never putting the effort in to make myself at home. I discovered what makes me comfortable, happy, and the best reflection of myself where I live. That discovery for me inspired why I want to create that feeling and comfort for others. I want to create wonderful spaces for everyone to constantly feel inspired, at ease, and a sense of belonging. Having worked with Habitat For Humanity and Door of Hope Foundation, the delight is where home is finally a word in their vocabulary and stability is never a worry. That is why I do what I do.

What I Promise, What I Practice

I strive to create meaningful and beautiful spaces that reflect on your lifestyle and personality. The job is not complete until the space is ready to be called home and happiness is guaranteed. Any project, any size, any style; Combining my expertise with your wishes.